Funding for real estate is still one of the biggest challenges in opening a cannabis-related business. Maryjane's Funding is your solution.

With our unique approach to sourcing financing options, we have been been able to help numerous businesses secure warehouse, kitchen, lab, grow, processing, and growers, extracting companies, seed producers and medical dispensaries,retail property.

We have aslo helped many types of businesses and their owners with real estate needs and funding from refinancing a property with a “green tenant”, the purchase of a property such as cultivation property, testing labs, agriculture farm and agriculture land, grow warehouse, marijuana dispensary, land permitted property, cultivation business, greenhouses, delivery service, real estate, pharmaceutical property, extraction facility, bakery and kitchen facility, green zone approved properties and other MMJ type properties.


Tap into our network of private lenders to obtain the money you need to either purchase or refinance your existing building.


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