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We manufacture hemp harvesting, planting, and processing machinery to help scale your business.

 As a third generation hemp dynasty, we have engineered the unique equipment required to scale.

We are proud to be a family owned and operated company. 

This means that from our family you can expect to be treated as family.

Our team has over 60 years combined experience in the manufacturing and farming industry.

Over 80 years combined management and operations skills in Construction and Engineering.


Our extensive knowledge in these fields ensures each machine we create is thought out thoroughly down to the placement of each individual bolt. 

As is every aspect of our business. 

It is our mission to be the most trusted partner for your business. 

Building a lifelong relationship with our family to perfect and modernize all your Hemp growing and production needs. 

Farming, extraction, processing, consulting and more.

Each member of our team has extensive knowledge and expertise that contribute largely to the growth of our business. 

Preparing the company for the next generation.


Our Planter is one of a kind in the Hemp industry.  


This machine performs numerous tasks saving thousands of man hours.


With just one pass it Lays drip line, lays Filter fabric, punches holes in soil, feeds the plants, and provides a platform for the operator to place the plant in the soil.


The One pass 3 row planter plants approx. 20 acres in just one day. 

High-Volume/Large-Scale Hemp Planting Machine

We have engineered a high-performance multi-use hemp transplanting machine which is both simple and versatile.


Since there are many options on how you would like this machine to preform, we allow you the convenience of specifying the size, scale, and your choice of a multitude of performance enhancing options.


Our machine can be used on plastic mulch beds, uncovered plant beds and even bare, flat ground.


Our planting machine works using hole-punch water wheels (which double as a nutrient applicator) and can seat up to 3 laborers planting up to 3000 plants in 3 rows per hour.


We can tailor the planter to meet your farms planting requirement from 1 row up to 3 rows at a time.


While this heavy-duty steel combine attachment was designed with hemp transplanting in mind, it can be used for planting any number of seedling types i.e. tomatoes, corn, mint, or etc.…


Our transplanting machine will drastically reduce the cost of labor while simultaneously decreasing the time it takes to get your plants in the ground.


This allows for a faster turnover and a longer season, consequently resulting in larger plants and bigger yields.

Weight: 500 lbs

Dimensions: 73 × 35 × 60 in

Price $45,000.00

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The first of it’s kind Hemp Whole Plant Shucking Machine. (Stripper)

The Hemp Stripper is intended to dramatically decrease time and man power necessary for separating flower and leaf material from the stalks and branches of whole plants.


This machine only requires one operator but is best suited for two.

The operator simply feeds the entire plant into one side of the machine.


The stripper will then strip leaves, buds and material from the whole plant and deposit it into a supersack below. (supersack not included).


The cleaned stalk and branches exit out the discharge side of the machine for easy disposal.

The final product is now ready to be processed into your CBD Oils – or – it can be further refined and separated into material suitable for pre-rolls, bud, keif, seeds etc…


Via the Hemp Cannon and the Hemp Tumbler that we also offer.

How much product does the stripper produce per hour?

Our smallest model processes 100lbs per hour.  


The competition is processing 20lbs per hour with 2x the man power to operate.


 With our stripper you do not need to cut the branches off the stalk, feed the entire plant and yield a very clean biomass, bud and seeds.


 (Larger Strippers available for custom order.)


What are the dimensions and weight of the stripper?

This machine stands roughly 72” tall, 60” long and 33” wide.  


Using 30 Amps and 220 volts single phase. Weighing approx. 2,000 lbs.

What is the volt and amp of the stripper?

30 Amps and 220 volts, single phase.

Can I use the stripper if I trim the buds off the whole plant?

No, the Stripper is designed to do this for you, saving thousands of man hours.


At a production rate 4X faster than our closest competitor, but with our Stripper you do not have to cut the branches from the plant by hand, (our stripper does this step for you) using ¼ of the man hours.


Once the bud is stripped from the stems it is ready to be processed with the Cannon.



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The Hemp Tumbler was created for easy separation of smaller materials.

Once your Biomass has been shredded (Via: Hemp Cannon) the Hemp Tumbler makes separating your material into various sizes and qualities very simple.  

Just run your material into one end of the Hemp Tumbler.

As it moves through the cylinder it is automatically sifted, refined and sorted into three qualities of products (very fine, pre-roll, leaf & seeds) which contain minimal amounts of unwanted material.  

The 4th and final stage will consist of larger material, ready to be sent to the Processor.

How much product does the tumbler produce per hour?

Our smallest model processes 80-100lbs per hour.  (lager Tumblers available for custom order.)

What are the dimensions and weight of the tumbler?

This machine stands roughly 50” tall and 20” wide. Weighing approx.200lbs

What is the volt and amp of the tumbler?

1.2 Amps and 110 volts

Can I put the whole buds in the tumbler and yield the same result?

No, the Tumbler is designed to take the ground buds and flower that the Cannon has produced. And separate this product into individual containers of fine flower, slightly courser flower and small stems.  You can put whole buds in the Tumbler but you will not yield the same result as you would if you ran it through the Cannon first.




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The Hemp Cannon style grinder is used to shred your Biomass material easily, while simultaneously detaching buds from sticks and stems.

There are various speeds and angle settings which allow the user to refine the end product of the machine.

It’s as simple as that! After using the Hemp Cannon your material is either immediately ready for use in extractions -or- can be sifted and refined further Via the Hemp Tumbler, which we offer as well.

How much pruduct does the cannon produce per hour?

Our smallest model processes 400-500lbs per hour.  Producing 10x more product than the competition.  (Larger Cannons are available for custom orders.)

What are the dimenssions and weight of the cannon?

This machine stands roughly 60” tall, 75” long, and 35” wide.  Weighing approx.. 500lbs

What is the volt and amp of the cannon?

15 Amp. And 110 volt

Can I put whole plants in the cannon?

The Cannon is designed to use ONLY product that has been stripped from the whole plant by the Stripper.  It is designed for finer material with smaller branches no larger than 18” long.  




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